Friday, January 5, 2018

Upcoming Posts

* Exilium Rpg Review - A follow up to this post on 9 April.

* Stars Without Number Revised Edition Rpg Review - A follow up to this post on 3 August.

* How to make a folding light-weight portable miniature game table topper.

* 3rd Ed GURPS books reviewed/revisited - I'm going to review GURPS books from the previous edition to show their continued value. Not only are many GURPS 3rd Ed books still useful to 4th Ed players they can be useful to players of ANY rpg. This will be a series of posts.

* Zim - A review of a free note application.

* TiddlyWiki - A review of a personal wiki built into a single html file.

New Year Blog Reboot

I've redone the tabs above and their content, see RPG and Mini Links and Free above.

I've reworked the visual theme of the blog to improve readability.

My goal for the site is to provide simple and useful information in the form of posts and links at a minimum of weekly.

My posts will not be verbose and you will not have to hunt to find the point. If a post becomes lengthy I will include a BLUF(bottom line up front) type statement.

If you have any links I should add, content you'd like to see, or feedback email me at

Click here for a list of some of the upcoming posts.