Tuesday, June 24, 2014

40k Poll: How many 40k armies are enough?/do you have?

How many 40k armies are enough? How many do you have? Poll is on the left and feel free to comment below. I had to take a break recently from my hobby craft and am currently getting re-organized so I can jump back in. Something I realized more so than in the past is how many armies I could theoretically field. I have the parts and or models that IF I actually finish them I could field 12 armies of tournament size. How many are currently tournament ready? Assembled, minimum of 3 colors, flocked, and WYSIWYG? Zero. Goose egg. Null. Zip. Nada. Yup that's right not a single one.  For casual games I have tons assembled and WYSIWYG but not a single army is full painted. How many other people out there are the same? Where do you draw the line and start cutting back on how many models you have? Comments welcome.