Thursday, March 23, 2017

Review: TimeWatch Rpg

If you want to run a time travel rpg this book is a fantastic buy. Of 392 total pages 247 pages are of GM advice, guidance, examples examples, and more examples. Even if you don't want to use the Gumshoe rpg mechanics this book could be an extremely useful.

The first four chapters cover setting, character creation, equipment, and game mechanics much of which can either easily be converted to other systems or is valuable system agnostic guidance. The Gumshoe system itself is a simple system that uses a single d6 and an investigative mechanic to help prevent players from hitting a dead end.

Chapter 5: Antagonists
Includes guidance on creating antagonists, a simple system for building them, and 70 examples ranging from guard dogs and thugs to dinosaurs, disembodied brains, and post-apocalyptic time traveling intelligent cockroaches.

Chapter 6: GM Advice
Contains useful advice for new gms and old hands. Also if you play any of the other Gumshoe rpgs it includes advice for how to use TimeWatch with those other settings (Ashen Stars, The Esoterrorists, Mutant City Blues, Fear Itself, Night's Black Agents, and Trail of Cthulhu).

Chapter 7: The Patrol Campaign Frame
Provides more information on the core setting.

Chapter 8: Alternate Campaign Frames
Provide guidance and example of how to run 14 different styles of campaigns.

Chapter 9: Historical Miscellany
Names, descriptions and dates of people through out history that can be used in campaign plots.

Chapet 10: Time Seeds
32 different adventure "seeds"/examples laid out with plot hook, true history, alternate history, a mission, and recommend further reading.

Chapter 11: TimeWatch Adventures
3 different adventures